9th Edition of the Building Codes coming soon?

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Possible Promulgation July 1, 2017

From Rob Anderson,
The ninth edition amendments are under final, internal legal review. We hope to file with Secretary of State (SEC) shortly. At this point we are not certain if we will meet the July 1st effective date. read more →

Sparks Fly on Electric Vehicle Provision

MNI Electric Vehicle Provision

Obscure state board split on change in building code

Environmental advocates and many state lawmakers want new homes and commercial buildings to come equipped with the electrical lines needed to hook up electric vehicle chargers. Developers and home builders, however, say customers don’t want electric vehicles, the lines needed to charge them, or the extra costs associated with the lines. read more →

New spending plan may eliminate the Massachusetts Public Safety Department

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BOSTON (SHNS) – Along with a $40.5 billion spending plan, Gov. Charlie Baker on Wednesday filed legislation shaking up state government’s organization chart, eliminating the Department of Public Safety, and creating a new office to take over some of its functions. read more →

New Smoke Alarm Regulations When Selling Older Homes

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No Expired Alarms; Replacement Alarms Must Have 10-year Batteries

Starting December 1, older one- and two-family homes cannot be sold with expired or out-of-date smoke alarms. The Board of Fire Prevention Regulations has revised the State Fire Code to require that one- and two-family homes built before 1975 must have working smoke alarms that have not expired. read more →

Foam Plastic Insulation Fire Barrier Requirements

MNI - Foam Insulation Fire Requirements

Technical Bulletin

Topic: Fire Barrier Requirements for 2 Part Foam Plastic Insulation and Rigid Foam Board Insulation

The increased use of foam plastic insulation in CSG’s Home Performance programs makes it necessary to clarify what types of fire barriers are needed to cover this material, as required by code.  Code requirements for fire barriers fall into three categories: Not required, thermal barrier and ignition barrier.  read more →

Amendments to 780 CMR Energy Provisions

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Effective August 12, 2016

On June 14, 2016, the Board of Building Regulations and Standards (“Board”) held a public hearing on proposed amendments to the current, Eighth Edition of 780 CMR (the building code) concerning energy standards. Specifically, the Board solicited feedback and took testimony on amendments to 780 CMR 13 (commercial energy efficiency standards), section 11 of 780 CMR 51 (residential energy standards), and 780 CMR 115 Appendix AA (Stretch Energy Code). The Board and Department of Public Safety (“Department”) also took feedback from the public and stakeholders in writing until June 28, 2016. read more →

Be Smart… DigSafe

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backhoe-loaders2Be smart and dial 811 before you dig.

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9th Edition News & MFBO position

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MFBO issues strong opposition

Curtis Meskus, Certified Building Commissioner for a Town, and currently the President of the MFBO (Massachusetts Federation of Building Officials) issued a letter commenting on some of the proposed code requirements for the 9th edition. Their position states they are against certain 3 proposed changes to the Mass building code. Stretch Energy Code, Solar Ready Roofs and Electric Vehicle Charging. You can read the full letter here. read more →

Insulation permit requirement changes

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A new MA state requirement for insulation permits just became effective last month. Be sure you or your company are aware of the new rules. read more →

Trench Safety

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Trench safety is on our minds given the recent story about the man being trapped in a trench after it partially collapsed. We’re happy that the outcome was good, but it makes us think of safety and if the trench was set up properly or not. We do know that OSHA is going to investigate. read more →