Don’t be caught by surprise!

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has mandated continuing education in the construction field for construction supervisor licensee’s, hoisting licensee’s, electricians etc. The requirement have been in effect and Mass Nail It, LLC is a State approved provider. If your license expires you will not be able too obtain permits or continue to work and make a living here in the Commonwealth. In most cases you will be required to renew your license within a two (2) year cycle so it is very important to check your license for the expiration date. Don’t be caught by surprise and jeopardize your livelihood. Renew today.

CSL License Categories

Board of Building Regulations and Standards Requirements

sealThe maximum number of hours required for any given licensee is 12 hours, regardless of how many categories appear on the license card. A person who is licensed in a specialty category, whether one, two or all six, needs only to achieve the requisite 6 hours of continuing education credit. However, please remember that each license category requires certain content to be covered during training such as workplace safety and lead safe practices. Please refer to the regulations for detailed requirements and the DPS website for approved course coordinators and courses of instruction.


If you have any CSL questions please contact the Board of Building Regulations and Standards Kim Spencer, Building Official Certification Program and Education Coordinator 617-826-5236 | For Hoisting questions please call Cezar Lastra, 617-727-3200 at the Mass Department of Public Safety.

Our Massachusetts State approval Certificates

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