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Mass Nail It was created to provide all Massachusetts construction supervisors with continuing education to satisfy Massachusetts license renewal requirements. (M.G.L. c78, Acts of 2008).

All Mass Nail It instructors are certified Massachusetts Building Inspectors and have many years of experience as contractors and building officials.  All of our programs specifically pertain to the Massachusetts construction and remodeling industry.

There are no gimmicks, membership fees or hidden agendas!

MilfordOur classes give an in depth review of Massachusetts amendments to the new I-Codes, Massachusetts Workman’s Compensation Laws, building permits, H.I.C. registration, zoning laws, planning regulations, wetland regulations, Massachusetts fire codes, business practices, lead, and O.S.H.A.

Unlike other online education companies, our instructors are Certified Massachusetts Inspectors and have over 30 years of experience as contractors and building officials.

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Michael Giampietro, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mass Nail It, LLC  has over 30 years experience in the Massachusetts construction industry.  He is a certified building commissioner by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is also certified by the International Code Council (I.C.C.) as a Residential Construction Inspector, Commercial Construction Inspector and has obtained C.B.O. status. Mike also holds a Massachusetts unrestricted construction supervisors license for the past 25 years and is also an active member of several Massachusetts building officials associations.  Mike founded Mass Nail It with the vision to provide high quality and affordable continuing education for the Massachusetts construction industry.

  • Building Commissioner, MA Board of Building Regulations & Standards
  • Local Inspector, MA Board of Building Regulations & Standards
  • Certified Building Official # 5172131-CB, International Code Council
  • Certified Building Inspector # 517231-B5, International Code Council
  • Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License
  • Massachusetts Master Electrician License
  • Massachusetts Conservation Commission
  • Commercial Building Inspector # 5172131-B2, ICC


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