Hoisting Classes for Continuing Education

Take our online Hoisting classes from the comfort of your home or office, day or night. Learn the course material at your own pace: start, stop and resume the course when you want. The classes are not timed and there are NO quizzes or final exams.

Mass Nail It, LLC is approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Safety as a provider of continuing education for the following hoisting licenses:

6 hour class
2A – 1C combo class: for those carrying both 2A and 1C licenses, this course allows you to take a 6 hour course for your continuing education instead of having to take the individual 4 hour courses.

4 hour Hoisting classes
2A – Excavators
2B – Front end loader/backhoes
2C – Front end loader
2D – Compact hoisting equipment (skid steer, mini excavators)
1C – Hydraulic telescoping booms

2 hour Hoisting classes
1D – Forklift safety and operation
4B – Drill Rigs
4C – Side Booms
4D – Concrete Pumps
4E – Catch Basin
4F – Sign Hanging
4G – Lawn Mowers

The new regulation creates continuing education requirements for all fully licensed Hoisting operators during the 2 year license cycle.  Please note that holders of Temporary Permits or Company issued licenses are NOT subject to continuing education requirements. Any Licensee who is unable to obtain the required continuing education necessary to renew their License may request that the License be placed in an inactive status for up to 1 continuing education cycle.  However, no Hoisting Machinery operations shall take place while the License in an inactive status.

Hoisting FAQs

I will not be able to attain my continuing education hours at the time of my License renewal. Will my License be revoked?

No. Any operator of Hoisting Machinery who is unable to obtain the required continuing education necessary to renew their License may request that the License be placed in inactive status for up to 1 continuing education cycle. Such request shall be made in writing on a form furnished by the Department. Operators holding a License on inactive status shall not be authorized to operate Hoisting Machinery for the time period that the License is inactive. A determination by the Department that a Licensee may return to active status shall be made following the Department’s receipt of a written request by the Licensee on a form furnished by the Department, the required renewal fee, the certificate of completion, and submission of required documentation pursuant to 520 CMR 6.02. An Application for Active/Inactive Status Request of the Hoisting License can be found here

How often must I get continuing education on my Hoisting Machinery License?

Continuing education will be required every time your Hoisting Machinery License is to be renewed.

I hold a Hoisting Machinery License with multiple classes. Do I need to get continuing education for each of my classes?

Yes. The purpose of the continuing education requirement is to refresh the Licensee of the proper and safe operations of the machinery in use. Each class restriction makes reference to a different type of Hoisting Machinery and would require that the Licensee attain continuing education for that machinery.

What is a certificate of completion?

A certificate of completion is a uniform certificate issued by a training facility to all of those who successfully complete a continuing education program.

What documentation must continuing education programs provide to the Department for approval?

Training facilities must provide a list of all instructors along with each instructor’s Massachusetts Hoisting License number.  All training facilities must issue a certificate of completion to all those who satisfactorily complete a continuing education course.  The falsification of attendance records or fraudulent issuance of a certificate of completion may be grounds for administrative action.

What circumstances does the Department view to be grounds for suspension or revocation of a License or Temporary Permit or Company certificate of approval to operate Hoisting Machinery?

Any License covered under 520 CMR 6.00 may be revoked or suspended for the following reasons:

(a) False or misleading information on application for examination or License renewal.
(b) Operating Hoisting Machinery under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
(c) Failure to pay excise tax or other taxes.
(d) Failure to report Accidents as required by the Department of Public Safety.
(e) Failure to report a Serious Injury as required by the Department of Public Safety.
(f) Operating in an unsafe manner.
(g) Failure to comply with any provision of this regulation;
(h) Failure to comply with 520 CMR 14.00.
(i) Failure to comply with M.G.L. c. 146, §§53-56.
(j) The fraudulent or otherwise improper issuance of Temporary Permits.
(k) The fraudulent or otherwise improper issuance of any Company License.


Download your version of the Excavator Manual. A guide to safe excavation practices in Massachusetts, Main, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.